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Get your taxes done the right way the first time, questions you should consider:

  • Who has the best service?
  • Who will work hard to get you the most for your returns?
  • Who has a flexible schedule to fit your needs?
  • Who plays by the book so no worries and who can you trust?
  • How do I Optimize my tax returns?
  • Is there a cost for electronic filing?

These questions are all important and here at Tax Express in Augusta, Ga. so we understand the concerns you may have and are willing and eager to help you in any way we can.

With over 35 years of experience, our services are unmatched, whether it comes to personal taxes, corporation taxes, bookkeeping, Payroll, or Quarterly Sales tax Reports…We handle it all.

Every unanswered question that you may have is something that we have worked with for years and stay up to date on to do the very best job that we can do for our customers.

Anyone from personal expenses to business tax returns is what we do and have a passion around in helping.

We do not charge anything for E-filing, small gifts like this are what shows we are here for you.

This is exactly why Tax Express was started and why we have been in business for as long as we have, and for those who have somewhat of a weight on their shoulders every year around tax time. 

GREAT NEWS! – we can help with all of that and more so set up an appointment today!

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Tax Express of Augusta Ga- Bringing order to your business.

For most people, the approach of April the 15th sends chills down our spine and rattles our brain. At this time of the year, everyone just wishes that taxes weren’t created. If this is you, worry no more.

Tax Express Augusta, GA has got your back. Tax preparations aren’t something to get you worked up. We back you up in every step; you name it, from paperwork, keeping track of ever-changing laws, following up on the easy to forget deductions, file management, and the seemingly endless tax forms become our concern.

As a tax preparation company, we are fully aware of the implications of a tax return process. We also recognize the sensitive nature of the information being handled here.

All our services are professionally tailored to ensure you have peace of mind while providing outstanding and exemplary solutions to all your tax needs. Here is what we do for our wonderful communities of Augusta, Martinez, and Evans GA and beyond.

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

At Tax Express, we offer a comprehensive tax planning and preparation solutions to ensure that businesses and individuals are compliant with all the required tax filings for Georgia Tax and other state taxes. We also help a business to reduce the overall taxation that is permissible by law. Our highly trained staff are consistently involved in professional education to familiarize themselves with the ever-changing tax laws. This helps us provide our clients with all-encompassing tax strategies.

Our tax services include;
Tax Preparation
Tax Planning
Corporation Tax Services
Partnership Tax Services
LLC / LLP Tax Services
Individual Tax Preparation
Estate and Trust Tax Services
Non – Profit Organization Tax Services
Business Acquisitions and Mergers

For many people, tax planning and preparation means that their accounting teams have their returns out before April 15th. With us, for you, it will mean having your taxes and obligations properly planned throughout the year thus helping you minimize your personal and business liabilities. Tax Express GA, is your source for the complete range of tax compliance solutions and tax experts competent in consolidated returns, C corporations, S Corporations, and partnerships.

Accounting and Auditing

As partners in your business success, our certified accountants utilize their extensive knowledge to help you achieve accurate financial and/or operational information. We also assist in cash flow planning, forecasting, and budgeting. We acknowledge the unique needs of our clients who include individuals, non-profits, small startups and large corporation in various industries.

• Agreed upon procedures which offer a cost and time-saving alternative to a complete audit of your statements. We perform only specific agreed-upon procedures like E – filing, quarterly reporting, and payrolls.

• Bookkeeping. You realize that maintaining accurate financial records is very crucial for your business. We ensure that your business runs smoothly by providing a comprehensive array of bookkeeping services.

• State & Local Tax Expertise help you ensure that you keep track of every dollar. More like fixing the drip on your kitchen faucet. We ensure that your financial well-being is secured from the costly drain of taxes on your business. Our SALT services include state &local tax audits and management, reviews and protests, utility studies, consultancy on compliance, property tax reviews, due diligence and compliance issues. We are the plumbers that stop the leaks in your local and state tax compliance.

Bringing order to your business

Whether it is in personal finances or in business, it is all about the details. Minute by minute definitions and details are quite easy to overlook especially if you have so much in your hands. We are tasked with bringing the attention that is necessary to every part of the financial experience in your business. We give you the confidence to go out more knowing that you are in compliance even in an environment with ever-changing rules and regulations.


Turn To Tax Express In Augusta, Ga For All Your Tax Needs.

You Can Count on Us!

We would love to help you with all your tax needs so please feel free to call us or set up an appointment through our contact page.

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